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Spring Maintenance for Your Home & Car

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Spring Maintenance for Your Home

As spring rolls around, many homeowners should consider revitalizing their homes through post-winter maintenance. Winter can often damage a home, including its exterior, plumbing, and climate control systems. In anticipation of winter, try adding the tips below to your spring maintenance checklist.

HVAC Maintenance

During warmer seasons, air conditioning is more than just a luxury; it is a home essential. Therefore, HVAC maintenance is an essential part of spring home maintenance. Replace air filters to maintain and improve air quality. This also prevents strain on your HVAC system. Importantly, make sure your air vents and ducts are free from dust and allergens that may have built up during the winter.

Check Plumbing

A crucial part of a good spring home maintenance routine involves inspecting systems that may have been damaged during the winter, such as outdoor faucets and hoses. Freezing temperatures can lead to significant damage to plumbing systems. Repairing and replacing them can save you costly repairs down the road.

Additionally, water damage from rain and melting ice can lead to major problems such as mold growth and water damage. For many homeowners, turning to a professional to address major issues can be worth the expense.

Lawn and Garden Care

Many homeowners consider their lawn to be the crown jewel of their home. After a harsh winter, rain and snow can lead to slow growth and damage. As spring arrives, you can maintain a beautiful lawn using fertilizer treatments and weed killer.

After winter, lawns can be covered with leaves and debris, which can be removed by raking. Shrubs and hedges can have dying branches that can be removed by pruning to give a lawn a renewed look.

Spring Car Maintenance

Winter can affect cars and homes alike. Car owners should implement the following measures as part of their routine spring car maintenance.

Inspect Tires

Well-maintained tires are crucial to help keep your car running smoothly and safely. Temperature differences during the winter can lead to issues involving tire pressure. Extreme weather conditions can also increase wear and tear on tread and tire sidewalls. Rotating and replacing tires on a regular basis can help maintain your car’s performance.

Remove Pollen

It is vital to keep your car free from pollen, as with time, the pollen will have a detrimental effect on vehicle paint. Remove the pollen with water, not a soft cloth, as sweeping it off with a cloth can cause more damage to the finish.

Check Fluids

Lubrication and coolant systems are a significant part of a well-running car. During winter, oil, coolant, and brake fluids can become old and dirty, which can lead to inefficient and even dangerous problems for a car, especially if the car has not been used often. Inspecting and replacing these crucial systems is vital to ensuring your car is in working order.

Electrical Systems

Temperature differences can also majorly impact your car’s battery and electrical systems. Car owners can order voltmeters and portable battery chargers online to check for electrical problems as part of their routine car maintenance for spring.

Our Agents Will Spring into Action to Assist You

Spring is a chance for home and car owners to look forward to a new year. Spring cleaning and maintenance do not have to be a chore. If you are worried about damage to your home, our agents are available to assist you with insurance solutions to address your needs. Get in touch with your local agent today so you can breeze through your spring maintenance plans.

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